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Each day, Attorney Mark DellaValle works relentlessly to serve the interests of individuals involved in injuries in the state of Connecticut. From Greenwich to Bridgeport, Milford to New Haven, Norwalk and beyond, Mark represents individuals throughout the state in personal injury matters. This page contains a selection of just a few of the positive remarks Mark’s clients have made. If you would like to learn how Mark can help you, call him at (203) 877-9911 – there is no risk and no fee associated with your call. Injuries don’t just happen, someone made a bad choice. Let Mark make it right!

“I called Mark after a fall in the parking lot of a local store. Originally I called another law firm who advertises on T.V. but they didn’t think I had a case. Then I found Mark. Mr. DellaValle walked me through every step of the law pertaining to my case making it easy to understand. He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. He listened to what I wanted the outcome of my case to be and worked diligently to make it happen. I was very happy with the way my case ended up. Thank you Mr. DellaValle!”
Debra Manfredi, Norwalk, CT

“The best. I’m extremely pleased in the manner that I was represented by Attorney Mark DellaValle. He is a very trustworthy individual. Attorney Mark DellaValle is a well organized professional. He is an effective communicator and was tirelessly committed to me. He exceeded all my needs. I felt I was represented by one of the very BEST. He did not only represent me in 1 case but in 2 cases. That speaks of how highly and gratified I am with him. I would strongly recommend him to anyone involved in any accident or workers comp case.”
Felix Gomez, Greenwich, C.T.

“I recently had a slip and fall incident in a major warehouse food store. A dear family friend referred me to Mark. This was all very new to me as I never have had the need for an attorney. Mark put me at ease right away. He listened intently and gathered all the information he needed to pursue my case. I found Mark to be highly professional and determined to resolve my case favorably. I am very happy with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Mark again.”
Kathy R., West Haven, CT

“You never stopped fighting for me.”
Rosemarie H, Norwalk, CT

“I interviewed two other lawyers but picked Mark because he treated me like a person not like cattle.”
Johanna B, New Haven, CT

Mark was referred to me by a friend who used him for his automobile accident case. I felt Mark was very effective, knowledgeable and worked harm to resolve my auto accident case. He was able via mediation to negotiate more than twice the amount the other insurance company was willing to offer. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend Mark to my friends.
Jacqueline S, Hamden, CT

“I really want to thank you for all of your help with my mother’s care. I never would have been able to get through this without your help and understanding. You are a remarkable individual and I appreciate that beyond words…”
Laura Noble, Trumbull, CT

“I am very pleased with you and I can be a pain.” “I will recommend you to all my friends.”
Diane G, Norwalk, CT

“Mark DellaValle became my teacher. I had never been involved in a lawsuit but Mark took the time and had the patience to explain all my options to me. He educated me, not by using legal jargon, but rather by raising pertinent questions for me to think about and by discussing all possible actions for my consideration. He always used layman’s language so that I clearly understood how my case would develop. I always felt comfortable talking with him and asking him my naïve questions. Once we made decisions about the course to be followed, he presented my case so that I was compensated quite satisfactorily for the very traumatic event I had experienced.

During the legal process, he went out of his way to stay in contact with me either by phone or by meetings held outside his office. He was always professional, yet friendly – constantly reassuring me. He made me feel very comfortable with the process. For all of that, I thank him.”
Margaret Jennings (age 75) Madison, CT

“You are the man. You are an excellent attorney.”
James M, New Haven, CT

“I am a practicing attorney and over the years have referred my clients to Mark for any accident and worker compensation cases since this is not my area of expertise. I refer very cautiously, since any referral would reflect back on myself. In every single instance where I have referred a client to Mark the feedback from my clients for his responsiveness, expertise and most importantly results have been nothing but positive. I encourage my clients to give me feedback and Mark also keeps me regularly informed. I will continue to refer him cases in the future without hesitation.”
Charles Scalesse, Attorney at Law, Branford, CT

“I was referred to you by Attorney Chuck Scalesse. My case was handled with great expertise from the beginning till the end with little help from me. The outcome of the case was a lot more than what I expected. I was very satisfied and will recommend Mark to anyone who needs legal service.” Christopher Amici, East Haven, CT.

“Attorney Mark DellaValle has shown me and my family tremendous dedication and compassion over the past couple of years. After I had been side swiped in a car accident, Mark made sure I got the care and attention I needed to get my injuries taken care of. He fought for me to get the compensation I deserved. I was so impressed; I referred him to my aging father who was involved in a car accident. He showed compassion and skill in handling the case so that my father was not taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, my Nephew was rear ended by another vehicle. There was no hesitation in referring the Law office of Mark DellaValle to handle his case. Again, it was handled with care and expertise. Hopefully we will never need his services again, but if we do, he will get my call.”
Robert Bolduc, New Haven, CT

“I want to introduce you to the best attorney in Connecticut. I say this because Mark is friendly, accommodating, informative and compassionate, all of which to me are very important characteristics to look for in an attorney. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for an attorney. ”
Yuvanda Brown, Norwalk, CT

“I first met Mark doing a carpentry project for the building owner and was impressed with his friendly attitude. Shortly after meeting Mark I was in a serious biking accident and needed an attorney so I called and made an appointment. Mark listened carefully to my story and then went to work on my case. Within a relatively short amount of time I received a call from Mark telling me the case was resolved for the full amount. I was very satisfied with Mark’s friendly, professional manner and the quick resolution of my case. I would highly recommend Mark DellaValle to anyone looking for an attorney who cares about his client’s and offers great personalized service. I could not have been more satisfied. Thank you Mark!”
Augustine Filomena, New Haven, CT

“Attorney Mark DellaValle was referred to me by a friend. I hired Mark to help me with an automobile accident. I was hospitalized and then admitted to a rehab center. I couldn’t make an appointment at the office, so Mark came to the rehab center and to my home to discuss matters related to the accident. I found Mark very efficient and caring. When the case was settled, Mark handled all the outstanding expenses and called me to confirm all related matters were concluded. I would highly recommend Mark DellaValle to friends.”
Evelyn Tarnawa, Milford, CT

“You did a great job”
Karen S, Bridgeport

“You’re fantastic!”
Evelyn L, Bridgeport, CT

“Mark DellaValle is a good man. I was in a car accident and he helped me. The lady who hit my car lived in Europe and Mark found her and won the case for me. Mark listened to me, knew I didn’t lie and worked hard for me. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs a good lawyer.”
Antoinetta Capozzo, East Haven, CT

“You’re the best”
Shafiqah M, Norwalk, CT

“I was referred to Mark by a mutual friend and it was the perfect choice. I was always kept informed on how things were progressing, what was going to happen, what to expect and always in a “language” I could understand. I would recommend Mark to anyone and I am grateful for the professional yet personal service.
Gaelle, Milford, CT