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If you have been injured in Connecticut, personal injury attorney Mark DellaValle can likely help. Free consultations are available. Somebody made a bad choice, let Mark make it right.

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If you have been injured in an accident it is essential that you seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney before speaking with anyone else. Connecticut personal injury attorney Mark DellaValle is an attorney who cares about you and the outcome of your case. Injuries resulting from accidents can be scary, confusing and difficult to handle. Mark has plenty to offer as your attorney. Mark has a track record of excellent results, happy clients, and more than two decades worth of experience. Put Mark’s experience to work for you by calling him to day at (203) 877-9911 for a free consultation.

In addition to his years of success and experience as a personal injury lawyer in Connecticut, Mark is known for his attention to detail and ability to simplify the legal process for his clients in layman terms. Mark works closely with his clients, communicates in a conversational manner, and personally handles all his cases. When you retain Mark as your attorney, you gain both an attorney and a friend who seeks to represent your best interests, resolving your case in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. Concentrate on getting better, let Mark handle everything else.

Norwalk and New Haven, CT Personal Injury Attorney with Free Consultations

Are you unable to leave your home or visit Mark at his office? No problem. Consultations are free and Mark will come to you if you can not come to him. Mark serves clients throughout Connecticut, with a focus on the cities of Norwalk, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Milford. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call Mark today at (203) 877-9911 to discuss your case. The call is free and you have no obligation to hire Mark as your attorney.

As a personal injury attorney Mark represents a broad client base. Mark understands how the law governs these cases and how best to overcome the insurance companies tactics for injuries resulting in these specific scenarios.

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