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Connecticut personal injury attorney Mark DellaValle serves clients in Norwalk, Bridgeport, New Haven, Milford, and throughout the state.

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Personal Injury

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If someone was careless and as a result you suffered an injury, then you would benefit from the knowledge, skill and experience of Attorney Mark DellaValle in holding that wrongdoer accountable. A personal injury is an injury sustained to an individual by another person (or company’s) carelessness. Mark works diligently to obtain justice for victims of these injuries. Call Mark today, Mark makes it right: (203) 877-9911

Car Accidents Don’t Just Happen

Someone made a choice, a bad choice and if as a result your injured, then that person should be held accountable. Driving is a privilege not a right and the rules of the road apply to everyone. Today it is all too common to see people driving who are talking, texting and even surfing the web on their cell phone. These distracted drivers put you at risk.

Other risk factors include drivers who tailgate and follow too close, speed, or run red lights. If a careless driver injures you then contact Attomey Mark DellaValle to make sure justice is served.

Poor Choices by Property Owners

People or companies can claim they aren’t responsible if someone falls on their property if they fell on ice because they shoveled their walkway or parking lot. However, if they just shoveled and did not bother to salt or sand than they only did half the job. Their decision not to spend a little extra time maintaining their property can cost you a broken arm or leg. You shouldn’t have to pay for a property owner’s poor judgment. Contact Attorney Mark DellaValle and make sure justice is served.

Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney

Need a personal injury attorney? Mark can help if you were injured in the state of Connecticut. Call Mark today at (203) 877-9911. Consultations are free and there are no attorney’s fees unless you recover compensation for your injuries.