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Below is a small sampling of various verdicts and settlements obtained for clients by Attorney Mark DellaValle. It is important to remember that no two cases are alike and each case must be judged on its own merits. The following results do not guarantee similar success in your case.

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Mats and rugs placed in the entrance of commercial establishments have become a common feature at grocery stores, retail stores, malls, restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses. Unfortunately, they have also become a major hazard. They get turned over, twisted or bunched up. Customers then trip and fall over them.

Trip and fall accidents involving door mats can lead to serious injuries. Ankles can twist and fracture. Legs can break. Wrists can shatter, and shoulders can tear when trying to stop the fall. In some cases, if there is some other object nearby, the victim may fall into that object and suffer a life-changing head injury. The Law Office of Mark DellaValle does not take these accidents lightly. Lawyer Mark DellaValle will put his years of experience to work to hold property owners accountable for their negligent use of floor mats.

How A Floor Mat Accident Could Have Been Prevented

New Haven trip and fall attorney Mark DellaValle knows that these cases are not usually won without a fight. The property owner might claim that the entrance mat was a safety measure, designed to minimize slip and fall accidents when rain or snow is tracked in. The owner may argue that the hazard could not have been prevented.

Of course, there is one simple way that tripping over a mat and rug accidents can be prevented: the mat can be secured to the floor. This prevents its corners from being curled up or bunched up and creating a fall hazard. Mark will make the argument that if this one simple, inexpensive step was taken, a serious trip and fall accident would have been prevented. Through negotiations or trial, he will work hard to hold the property owner responsible and get you the compensation you deserve.

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