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Stairs And Steps Accidents

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An owner of a property with interior and exterior staircases must take care to ensure that the stairs are safe. This applies to owners of commercial properties such as grocery stores, retail stores, malls and hotels, as well as owners of apartment complexes and rental properties. When a visitor or resident falls on the stairs because the owner has failed to keep the steps safe, the victim has the right to enlist a lawyer and seek compensation. You can turn to the Law Office of Mark DellaValle to make it right.

Stairway Cracks Or Defects

Older buildings, particularly large rental homes, may have wooden stairways. Over time, the wooden steps may split. Not only is there the potential for a step to crack and a person to fall through and suffer serious injuries, but there is also the possibility of a person’s foot being caught in the crack and tripping down the stairs. Similarly, cracks may appear in concrete steps.

Other staircase defects may be the result of poor construction or maintenance. Perhaps the steps were carpeted poorly and the carpet is loose or torn, creating a hazard. Defects like these should be addressed immediately by property owners instead of being left to cause harm.

Improper Railings

Handrails are the final fail-safe feature of a stairway. When properly installed and maintained, they can help prevent falls. However, when they are allowed to become loose or are not the proper code size for the stairway, serious injuries can happen.

Weather-Related Staircase Accidents in Connecticut

Outdoor stairways require special care, particularly in the winter. When ice and snow accumulate on them, they can become deadly. Property owners are required to shovel staircases promptly to prevent snow accumulation and to put down salt or sand in order to make certain stairs are not slippery. New Haven stairs and steps accidents attorney Mark DellaValle holds property owners accountable for his clients’ injuries.

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