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Slip and Falls

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Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are commonly referred to as premises liability cases as they are brought against the person who possessed and controlled the premises where the injury occurred. This is an evolving field of law where you would benefit from having an experienced personal injury attorney fighting on your behalf. In Norwalk, Bridgeport, and other areas of Connecticut, call Attorney Mark DellaValle to seek the compensation that you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accident Information

Generally, business owners have a duty to reasonably maintain their premises, reasonably inspect and erect safeguards and warn of dangers that a person could not be expected to discover. Nevertheless, the injured person must prove that the business owner knew or should have known of the defective condition which caused the injury. In some cases business owner’s can be held responsible for injuries that occur when they establish a mode of operation which creates a foreseeable risk of injury.

A typical example of a slip and fall accident is a situation where a person falls after slipping on lettuce by a self serve salad bar in a grocery store where there is no counter or ledge for resting plates. In this situation, the business owner can not claim that they are not responsible because they did not have notice of fallen lettuce when their mode of operation created the risk of injury.

Other common slip and fall injuries occur as the result of snow and ice on walkways, potholes in parking lots, freshly washed floors and bunched up floor mats in retail stores. Insurance companies will go to great lengths to convince you that your case is worth much less than it is in reality. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you fight back and seek appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Norwalk Slip and Fall Lawyer

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