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Back Injuries

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At the Law Office of Mark DellaValle, you will find a lawyer who understands how life-changing a back injury can be. Connecticut back injury attorney Mark DellaValle is available to help people who have suffered back injuries in car accidents as well as slip, trip and fall accidents and any other accidents caused by the fault of another. If you have been injured and do not know where to turn, give mark a call to seek justice.

Mark makes it right by getting you the compensation you need to get on with your life. Mark knows that this includes money for doctor visits, rehabilitation, medication and surgery. As you will discover after reading his clients’ testimonials, Mark will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Mark has served clients in Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, Milford, and throughout Connecticut. If you can’t come to Mark, he will come to you.

Herniated And Bulging Disk Injuries

People who have never suffered a herniated disk, a protruding disk or a bulging disk — sometimes referred to as a slipped vertebrae — do not understand how painful these injuries can be. These are by no means minor injuries. For many people the pain never truly goes away, and its effects can linger for a lifetime. In addition, this type of injury can stop you from doing what you enjoy or make it more difficult to do what you once did. Insurance companies will try to minimize the severity of this personal injury. They may go so far as to claim that your disk injury was pre-existing, even if you had little or no prior back pain, and therefore they are not responsible for your injury.

New Haven back injury attorney Mark DellaValle stands up for victims of back injuries and makes it right by fighting to get you full and complete compensation to cover all of the costs you will face, including past, present and future medical bills as well as money for lost income. Mark understands that back injuries have far-reaching consequences that can prevent you from enjoying life now and well into the future.

Paralyzing Back Injuries and Work Injuries

In the most serious back injury cases, damage to the spine may result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. The victim may require everything from wheelchairs to long-term medical care. These costs add up quickly, and if you do not choose a skilled lawyer, you may find that the money the insurance company provides is insufficient. Mark will pursue a personal injury claim and work hard to recover compensation to cover a lifetime’s worth of costs.

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