Mark is here to help!

Will I have to go to court?

Many personal injury claims settle before it is necessary to enter a courtroom. Don’t let the fear of going to court prevent you from seeking the justice you deserve. Court isn’t as scary as it is portrayed on television. Rest assured that if your case needs to be litigated Mark will walk you through every step of the process.

Why should I choose Mark over another law firm or personal injury lawyer?

Mark has been on both sides of personal injury cases. With more than two decades of experience, Mark has worked for both plaintiffs (injured victims) and defendants (insurance companies) Mark’s unique perspective has provided him with valuable insight into the tactics insurance companies use to defend personal injury cases. In addition, Mark offers personal service and treats his clients with utmost respect. You are encouraged to read reviews from satisfied clients and take a look at the impressive results Mark has achieved for his clients.

Are consultations really free?

Yes! Send Mark an email using the contact form on the right or give him a call at (203) 877-9911 to discuss your case.

What is the benefit of having a smaller firm represent me?

Large law firms often put pressure on their attorneys to meet weekly hourly quotas, bill every minute of their time and work on a large number of cases. In addition, partners often push smaller cases onto a junior associate or even a paralegal. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Mark takes pride in personally handling each and every case and believes that everyone deserves full and complete compensation for their injuries.

Can’t I just settle without a lawyer?

Attempting to negotiate a settlement against an insurance company with trained professional adjusters is like trying to diagnosis and treat your own injuries without consulting a doctor. You can do it but it is not often advisable. Make sure you get full and complete compensation by putting Mark’s two decades worth of experience resolving personal injury cases to work for you.